Babu Gogineni Sensational Comments On Pavan Kalyan

Babu Gogineni Comments On Pavan Kalyan

Bigg Boss Contestant and Human Rights Activist Sri Babu Gogineni made some sensational comments on Jana Sena Chief Pavan Kalyan. Babu gogineni is already in the news past few days with his weird behavior in bigg boss house and with the inmates. In a recent video of his he commented on pavan kalyan and said that everyone is asking him about pavan kalyan’s political entry reacting to this he said ‘ In today’s political scenario there is a need for fresh and alternative politicians and political system’ people need a leader to represent their problems and solve them.
Babu gogineni also said that pavan kalyan should fight for the welfare of the public rather than for people’s vote or power play, furthermore he added Jana sena should eradicate the caste based system that is prevailing in the state. Here is the complete video footage.